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Full Chemical Name: AM-2201

Systematic IUPAC Name: 1-[(5-fluoropentyl)-1H- indol-3-yl]-(naphthalen-1-yl) methanone

CAS Number: 335161-24-5

ChemSpider Number: 24751884

Molecular Formula: C44H22FNO

Molecular Mass: 359.435 g/mol

What is AM-2201?

AM-2201 is a research chemical of the Cannabinoid family. At the Cannabinoid receptor, AM-2201 is a nonselective full agonist. Discovered by Alexandros Makriyannis, AM-2201 is part of the AM Series of cannabinoid receptor ligand. AM-2201 is active at extremely low quantities, as low as 0.02g.

What is AM-2201 used for?

AM-2201 can be used to further research the in vitro (outside living organism) efficacy it has upon the cannabinoid receptors. Due to its non-selectivity, AM-2201 is useful for broad ligand binding assays into the affinity (potency) and duration of action upon receptors. Affinities are Ki of 1.0nM at CB1 and 2.6nM at CB2. AM-2201 can be combusted using heat to produce a vapor. This vapor is useful as it contains AM-2201 with a high surface area, enabling efficient contact when applied to a membrane containing cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.

AM-2201 may be used by chemical catalog companies to analyze it using NMR, GC/MS, FTIR or HPLC. This analysis can be used by toxicology and forensic scientists as a reference for comparison. Chemists may also use AM-2201 as primary reagent for their specific studies